We Believe that Cryonics is for Cryonicists

Since it is likely that our frozen subjects must be kept in their icy "cryostats" for an extended period, money must be put aside and managed to achieve that end. No one is more helpless than someone who is "dead" by present day standards, and who has been frozen. The money from frozen subjects can be tempting to people with the wrong motives, and one should never underestimate human greed! ACS has evolved many safeguards and "failsafes" to mitigate against such abuse. This emphasis on checks, balances, and accountability sets us apart from all other cryonics companies, both past and present.

To establish these safeguards, the American Cryonics Society starts with a very basic premise: the practice of cryonics should be conducted by cryonicists, for cryonicists. That means saying "no" to a lot of would-be promoters and others who regard cryonics simply as a business opportunity. Put another way, this premise, and the planning and actions that follow from it, give us the best chance of avoiding the mistakes of the Egyptians (our predecessors in spirit). Here are some of the particulars on how we work to bring this about.

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