Why we emphasize emergency and "fail-safe" planning

The long-term storage of patients frozen today may have to continue for 200 years before this program is terminated either with reanimation or in the knowledge that reanimation is not possible. Think about someone frozen (or otherwise preserved) in Benjamin Franklin's time and ask yourself the question: "Would that person still be frozen today?" A lot can go wrong in 200 years!

The American Cryonics Society emphasizes patient safety. This emphasis may at the expense of other possible goals, such as membership growth or "all or nothing" research. The research breakthrough that allow people frozen today to live again may or may not come about.

If the patients don't remain frozen because of negligence or other abuses, then it won't matter (to those patients) either way. We are determined that patients not be lost because of imperfections in the "time machine"!

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