Enrolling a Family Member or Friend
in the ACS Suspension Program

If you have not yet read our introduction to the enrollment procedure, please do so now at the following link: Making Arrangements.

Also, if you are assisting a person to enroll in an emergency situation then go to our Emergency Instructions page.

We can only accept people for cryonic suspension who are themselves interested and willing participants. If the individual (also referred to here as "subject") for whom you are making arrangements is not in full accord with a desire to be suspended than ACS will not accept this individual.

In order to make arrangements for someone else who cannot complete the enrollment forms personally, you must first have the legal authority to make such arrangements. If the subject is not now living then generally the next of kin has the authority to make arrangements. For a person who is living, but not able to make decisions for his or herself, a healthcare agent or attorney in fact appointed by the courts may have such legal authorization. Please check with your attorney to determine whether or not you have this authority. We will also need to have your attorney review the laws of your state or country to confirm that all legal requirements are met in the suspension and transport.

Once we have determined that you have the proper legal authority to make arrangements, you will complete the required forms on behalf of the subject. You will use your best judgment to determine the wishes of the subject. Additionally, in most cases, if the subject is not now living then the family member with the legal authority to do so must complete an authorization of anatomical donation form.

1. Complete the ACS Suspension Forms on behalf of the subject.
2. Complete the form "Authorization of Anatomical Donation for a Family Member".

Please also contact a representative of the American Cryonics Society to discuss your situation. Remember, ACS has no obligation to accept subjects not a member of the American Cryonics Society. We are very concerned that anyone wishing this procedure be fully informed and competent to make such decisions