The following emergency instructions are for members of the American Cryonics Society who are enrolled in our suspension program.  The American Cryonics Society maintains files on all of its members, which include copies of completed suspension authorization forms and contact information for next of kin and healthcare providers.  Many ACS members will have suspension instructions included in their medical records on file with their primary care physician or hospital.  Some members carry wallet cards and or MedicAlert bracelets that have identifying information. 

ACS members are anatomical donors under section 7153.5(A) of the California Health and Safety Code and have arranged for post-mortem cryogenic preservation under section 7100 of the California Health and Safety Code, as well as similar health care statutes in other states.

Before calling our emergency numbers, complete the seven question Emergency Questionnaire that follows, and then read the instructions that follow:


1)     What is the date and time of this call?



2)     What is the name of the patient in distress?



3)     What is the full name of the calling party?



4)     What is the phone (Cell/Pager/Fax) number or numbers, and the email address, where the caller can be reached?



5)     What is the caller’s relationship to the patient?



6)     What is the patient’s MedicAlert number (if applicable)?



7)     Where is the patient located?  Floor and room number, if a hospital or nursing home.



Signature (when mailing or faxing)____________________________________


Upon reading, completing, and faxing the above, complete the following instructions:


1) Call immediately 800-523-2001, 586-791-5961, & 888-660-7128

2) If the patient is clinically dead, start and maintain cardiopulmonary (heart-lung) resuscitation (CPR).

3) Maintain artificial circulation & ventilation & administer appropriate parenterals to minimize acidosis.

4) If legal death has been pronounced and it is possible to do so, continue CPR and pack the body in ice (especially the head, throat, axilla, and groin) or place on a cooling blanket at 2 to 4 degrees centigrade.

5) If extensive CPR is not possible or inappropriate (donor dead more than one hour), pack the body in ice.

6) Do not under any circumstances allow the body to freeze or be exposed to subfreezing temperatures (i.e., below 0° C. Or 32° F.)


Additional contact numbers: ACS Pager: 408-308-4403.


ACS Email: Cryonics@AmericanCryonics.org

Cryonics Institute: CIHQ@aol.com

Suspended Animation, Inc.: info@suspendedinc.com


In cases where the patient is NOT an ACS member, see general instructions here.