The Sign Up Page for the American Cryonics Society’s
Pre-Need Suspension Program

Welcome to the sign up page for the American Cryonics Society’s pre-need suspension program.  Signing up for cryonics is now faster and easier than ever.  Just give us brief information about yourself and let Jack Frost do the rest.  We will prepare your sign-up forms and mail them to you ready for your signature.  You will also need to purchase a life insurance policy to fund your cryonics suspension.  Contact your friendly local insurance agent or follow our links to online insurance companies. 


Any information provided to us will be treated confidentially.  We do not sell names and other information from people who contact us.  If you have concerns about sending such information by email, please print out this form and mail it to us: ACS, P.O. Box 1509, Cupertino, CA  95015.

Terms of Trial Membership for Just $28

Based on the information you have provided below we will mail you the legal documents needed to help insure that we can perform a cryonic suspension when required.  To start the process you will need to become a member of the American Cryonics Society by paying dues.  During the first 6 months a dues payment of only $28 is required.  This is to give you plenty of time to obtain insurance and to sign and to return our forms.  (Please note that we will proceed with your paper work when we receive your $28 dues payment).  Blank forms can be viewed online at ACS Suspension Forms.   Please notice that for those who wish to do so they can fill out all of these forms online, or use the quick and nimble form above and Jack Frost will do the rest.  After your 6 month trial membership period you will be billed $378 per year for the first 4 years then $300 per year thereafter.  You may quit anytime you wish, however, there are additional membership benefits for continuing at least through the first four years.   During the 6 month trial membership period you will have conditional coverage for cryonics.  In other words, should you die during this time you will be frozen as long as you have met needed provisions to give us the legal authorities and financial means to freeze you.

How to pay your trial membership

You may either pay your $28 for trial membership by check or through credit card.  If you wish to pay by check, please make check payable to American Cryonics Society, Inc.  If you are concerned with sending personal information over the internet you may simply print out the completed application and mail it to us along with your check.  Our mailing address is ACS, P.O. Box 1509, Cupertino, CA  95015.

If you wish to pay by credit card just fill out the form below and click the submit button.  You will be prompted to select various credit card options through PayPal.

Funding Cryonics Through Insurance

Most people provide the needed funding for their own cryonic suspension through the purchase of a life insurance policy.  Please check out our Cryonics Insurance Page for insurance funding options and to view links to companies who sell insurance.  Most of these companies will provide you with an insurance proposal by email at no charge.  Depending upon your age and health, insurance policies can be purchased for as little as $15 or $20 per month.

1. I wish to apply for participation in the ACS Suspension Program.  

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6.   I have read and accept the terms of trial membership.  I understand that my trial membership does not become effective until I have paid the $28.00 trial membership dues.

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