Will Cryonics Work?

No-one can answer that question for certain, because it depends on events that have not yet occurred, some of which depend on our own decisions! Because the outcome is unknown, each ACS suspension is a scientific experiment for which the suspendee is (usually) the donor of both funding and all or part of his body. But there is ample cause, we believe, for reasonable hope.

R.C.W. Ettinger, the author of Prospect of Immortality, has also written an analysis, Cryonics: The Probability of Rescue, which we present here, courtesy of Cryonics Institute. And here is an independent evaluation of the paper by Dr. Henry R. Hirsch, Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley.

Also, Scientist and cryonics activist Ralph Merkle, has done a lengthy and detailed study of this subject.

Scientists' Open Letter on Cryonics

Photo of Ralph Merkle Ralph Merkle's study of the Feasibility of Cryonics

Ralph and many other cryonicists believe that the development of nanotechnology, the technology of manipulation of individual atoms & molecules could provide the means to revive even persons suspended with today's limited procedures.

Also from Ralph, Nanotech and Medicine

And the Zyvex Nano-Pump-Core Nanotechnology web site.

For more information about nanotechnology, see

Full text of Engines of Creation by K. Eric Drexler

The purpose of Cryonics is to preserve the brain, and enough information to restore the mind of the donor. There may be other methods. Cryonics, with its flaws, is at least available now. But we support the efforts of

to do research on alternative methods, particularly brain plastination.


Researchers prove that memories reside in specific brain cells

Cryonics is one part of the Life Extension movement. Cryonicists often say dryly that cryonics preservation is the 2nd worst thing that could happen to an individual. Many hope that through advances in nutrition & medicine they can extend their lives and avoid suspension by staying alive longer. More about this in LONGEVITY REPORT

Other sources of information about life extension are

lef-logo - 4.9 K

The Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute

Smart Publications: Your Source For Alternatives

The ultimate in life extension is immortality. See the

The Immortality Institute.

Even if it works, Will there be room for us?

Some people think they have a "duty" to die to make room for "future generations". But at least one serious book, "The Ultimate Resource" by Julian Simon, suggests otherwise.

A sequel, The Ultimate Resource II is available from our online bookstore through Amazon.com

More good books are Trashing the Planet or Environmental Overkill: Whatever Happened to Common Sense?, both by Dixie Lee Ray, available from our online bookstore through Amazon.com

Go to our online bookstore for more book selections about Futurism, Life Extension and Immortalism.

For more on the philosophy of immortalism, see the Society for Venturism web pages.

Another immortalist philosophy is represented by The Extropians
Extropy Institute

Our Service Providers

Transport and Perfusion

Some of the equipment owned by ACS

ACS has its own in-house equipment (shown at left), plus we have several skilled physicians and perfusionists on-call. Our current level of capability is for "Femoral Access Perfusion", and "Minimum Preparation".

We also have a contract with Suspended Animation, Inc. We call on them on a case by case basis, based either on member pre-selection or ACS discretion. They have the highest capability, for "Medical Grade Perfusion." Usually, SA does not perform lower levels of perfusion, unless circumstances prevent their usual procedure.

See this report of a suspension performed by SA on one of our members in 2004.

Suspended Animation facility in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Portable Ice Bath with pneumatic cardiac compressor.

ACS also has a contract with Cryonics Instutute (CI) to use their suspension services (whole body only). Their capability is "Carotid/Femoral Access Perfusion", and "Minimum Preparation."

Long Term Storage

ACS does not have a long-term storage facility in-house.

Our suspended members are stored at Cryonics Institute (CI), which is located in Clinton Township, Michigan (near Detroit). CI charges a one-time up-front fee for indefinite long-term storage, which is included in ACS suspension funding.

Key Features of the American Cryonics Society Suspension Program


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