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Cryonics Fundamentals
"Larry" and "Sarah" discuss
the fundamental concepts of Cryonics
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Published on Aug 4, 2014
Do you want to live to 100? 1,000? What about for ever? Meet a man seeking immortality, leading age-research scientists, the very young and the very old as they grapple with deciding what is the right age to die in Until, a journey of the lifetime.

Life After Death
Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive
Footage of recent Suspension
Interview with Jim Yount

Through the Wormhole - Can we Live Forever? (2011)

Through the Wormhole - Can We Resurrect the Dead? (2012)

20-year-old toddler Brooke Greenberg's family talks Syndrome X to Katie Couric
January 11, 2013

EPIPHANY: Jason Silva On The Singularity

Cryonics in the UK
Segment of a BBC news report about local volunteers who provide cryonics services in the UK, readying the newly deceased who have made arrangements to be prepared in the UK, then shipped to the USA for long-term storage in liquid nItrogen.

Simon Cowell discusses cryonics with Jimmy Kimmel (2011)

Nova Science Now - Can We Live Forever?
Neil DeGrasse Tyson with Dr. Leonard Hayflick, Ray Kurzweil and others.

Brazilian holding her father's frozen body waiting to resurrect him 06 17 2012 (English Subtitles)

Sally Jessy Raphael interviews Richard Marsh, Margaret Bradshaw, Avi Ben-Abraham (1987)

ACS 20th Anniversary Celebration in 1989

Faith Daniels Show about Cryonics (1993)

Cryonics on ABC News

Wierd or What: Human Hibernation
Critics of Cryonics often say that the human brain is irreversibly damaged after only a few minutes without oxygen. But this is just not true at cold temperatures, as is shown by this documentary.

Cryonics in Fiction

NEW - The Movie
This is a short film about a couple who is cryonically preserved and wakes up in the future. The developer, noted film maker John Harden, is now raising capital. You can support him by going to NEW [a short film]. An animated introduction to the film can be viewed below or on Vimeo. ACS is pleased to offer its support.


Season 4, Episode 4, broadcast Oct. 23, 1987

Castle - Head Case (Cryonics)
Season 4, Episode 3, broadcast Oct. 3, 2011

Start Trek, The Next Generation
The Neutral Zone (Cryonics)
Season 1, Episode 25-Broadcast May 14, 1988

Golden Girls - Home Again, Rose: Part 2 (edited)
Season 7, Episode 22 - Broadcast May 2, 1992

Futurama - The Cryonic Woman
Season 2, Episode 19, broadcast December 3, 2000
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