Our members choose their own Governors and Officers

While we accommodate the member who wishes anonymity, many of our members choose to participate in the affairs of the society, and such member support is our strength.

Seven Governors (also called "Directors") are elected annually by ACS members, "from among the ACS members". From the seven elected Governors the Governors themselves choose "Officers" consisting of a President, Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Officers are responsible for the duties specified in our bylaws that correspond, generally, to those for most corporations. Other administrative positions may be established and committees established either by the Governors, meeting as a body, or by the President through his or her executive authority.

The Governors (also called "Directors") meet several times each year to discuss the affairs of the society and to determine policy matters. Meetings are conducted in accordance with rules and procedures established by the board and by parliamentary procedure. The board members make resolutions that are then discussed and then voted on by the Governors meeting as a committee. These resolutions, when approved, are the equivalent of "laws" for procedural or policy matters of the society. The Governors are the ultimate "authority" within the society: the buck stops there!

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