Ultimate Privacy

ACS also makes provisions for people who wish an even greater degree of privacy. Some people, in public life for example, may be concerned that the fact that they wish to be frozen will be viewed unfavorably by others. Other people simply wish to guard their privacy and regard cryonic suspension arrangements as a strictly personal matter -- no one else's business.

Under the Ultimate Privacy Plan, you make arrangements to be suspended by ACS without a single person in our organization having any information about your identity, financial particulars, or related personal information. This is done by having your attorney handle all matters pertaining to your suspension. We know the name of your attorney, we don't know your name. Your attorney certifies that he has papers on file in his office that satisfy our legal and financial requirements. At the time of your suspension we will then know your identity, but will still strive to keep this information confidential.

To make such arrangements, simply have your attorney contact us.

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